MeteoHeroes project starts in 2015 with an idea from Luigi Latini of the Meteo Expert Center, one of the most important weather center in Europe and

The solution of climate and environmental issues is potentially in the hands of today’s children, future men and women who will have to face the problems of an overpopulated, stressed planet.

They will need to know how to take care of their home in the universe. Ecology, respect for nature and its dynamics are all part of the knowledge that this generation will need to possess to face the increasing challenges that await them and at the same time increase their identity as global citizens.

These are the premises that form the basis of the MeteoHeroes TV series, a co-production between Meteo Expert Center and Mondo TV.

Planet's SuperHeroes

Fulmen, Nix, Nubess, Pluvia, Thermo and Ventum are six ordinary kids who discover that they have extraordinary powers: they can control the weather! With the help of the Meteo Expert Center (aka the50 MEC) located on the Gran Sasso mountain in Italy, they learn to handle their superpowers and to use them to solve the challenges our planet faces every day – many caused by its human inhabitants. And of course, as well as learning what it means to be superheroes, these kids have to face the same challenges all youngsters face: handling friendships and differences, teaming up and growing up – all while saving Planet Earth!.



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