Nix (real name: Su Pa Sin)

BORN IN: Harbin, Asia

LOOK: she wears an elegant coat with crystal shaped decorations and matching boots.

ACCESSORIES: she has an helmet with visor and a snow symbol, a shoulder strap purse from which she pulls out snow crystal shaped shuriken.

EVOKED WEATHER PHENOMENA: she evokes snow and snow storms.

SUPERPOWER: she throws sharp snow crystals, evokes an animated snow giant (GiantGiga) and snow structures of every shape and size.

MOVE: the snow symbol on her helmet starts changing shape and color, changing into the different shapes of snow flakes, she open her arms and calls for snow.

MOTTO: ICE SHURIKEN! SNOW ….. ! (when she builds something with snow, she uses the word SNOW followed by the object), SNOW STORM!, GIANTGIGA! (she calls him with yodel).


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