Nubess (real name Angelita Perez)

BORN IN: Buenos Aires, South America

LOOK: she’s always “floating” in the air a few inches above the ground. Her hair changes shape whenever she wants or whenever she thoughts go through her mind.

ACCESSORIES: tiara with her symbol.

EVOKED WEATHER PHENOMENA: she evokes clouds, moves them up and down, and creates fog.

SUPERPOWER: she flies on her cloud (Nuvolante) that appears when she whistles (with her fingers). This cloud can move even other people. Her hair is the key of her superpowers to create different shapes. Her hair can transform into beautiful or terrifying shapes and also hide things or make them disappear. In every case hair can stay on her head or float, taking autonomously other shapes.

MOVE: under effort she creates clouds, shaking her head she creates fog.

MOTTO: CLOUDSHAPE! (when she creates shapes with her hair. If by accident, she doesn’t say anything), SUPERFOG! (when she evokes fog), WHISTLE with her fingers to call NUVOLANTE.


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