This supercomputer created by MEC is an artificial intelligence able to make decisions in milliseconds. His job is to control the atmospheric situation all around the globe and elaborate intervention plans in case of crisis. The software was developed by Indian computer technicians.

Sometimes Tempus has a screensaver because it goes in a standby mode when it’s updating its software, and when studying. Tempus is connected to the network and can learn from it. hanks to the network it can go everywhere: it can go whenever there’s a connection and a screen (his face appears on the screen).

Penguin Peeguu

The mascot of MH is the flushed Penguin Pì. The penguin comes from the South Pole and is always hot due to climate change. It doesn’t speak the human language, but it speaks the animal language that no one, a part form Tempus, understands. Tempus will always be Penguin’s interpreter, explaining MH and MEC’s staff what it is saying. Since it can understand every animal in the world, it will always be their paladin and mouthpiece.

Penguin was saved and then taken to MEC’s headquarter. It is a victim of climate change and the consequent ice melting process. Penguin lives in the headquarter and help MEC to save the world.


The snow giant, friend of Nix, (it appears when Nix calls it with yodel sound of GiantGiga!) comes from a part of Russia always covered in ice: the Russian island of Novaja Zemlja on the Arctic Ocean.

Margherita Rita

She’s the scientist, the manager of MEC. She’s the adult that leads the group of MH in their adventures and in their everyday life (also when they’re studying), bringing them back to their priorities when necessary.

She’s the reference adult, responsible for the MH: MH parents gave custody of their kids to her. She’s controlled and rigorous.

She takes care of a bio vegetable garden over MEC roof.

Her name is the combination of two famous scientists Margherita Hack and Rita Levi Montalcini.


They are Italian and foreigners. They will not show, unless on the background.


She’s the MEC housekeeper, a sort of nanny, a second reference point for MH, after Margherita Rita. She’s Italian and comes from Bologna. She’s a little older than Margherita Rita, she’s more maternal, tender and soft, even in her body shape. She takes care of the six children like an old aunt, cooking and cleaning the house. She’s the one that spoils the MH, especially when she welcomes them, but at the same time she’s teaches them and controls them in their everyday life in the apartment.

Emilia has a passion for Margherita Rita’s vegetable garden, where Emilia picks the raw materials for her recipes.


Humankind’s bad habits and laziness, leading to  pollution and climate change, are the antagonist.

There is no one single enemy. Every negative behavior will cause problems that our Meteo Heroes will have to face in order to keep the balance in our World and  the coexistence of  Nature, Environment and Mankind.

The aim of our Meteo Heroes is to deal with problems and explain how, time after time with the right behavior, children in the audience can be  instrumental for the safety of our Planet.

Dr. Makina

Dr. Makina is the N.1 villain as he “plans” every environmental issue (global warming, pollution, excessive land use…). Its Latin name, from “machine”, evokes something mechanic and so something on the dark side, a potential technological dystopia, against nature. At the same time “machine” in Latin means scheming, tricky.

He’s the enemy and his outline of his body is unclear and mysterious: his body has human features inside a smog cloud with manifold forms.


They are Dr.Makina little helpers. He uses them to interfere in MH missions. They are not human or animals, they are creatures that help Dr. Makina in his evil plans. They appear if someone’s disrespectful against the environment. We can think about them as they were PM10 particles, the kind of air pollution affect our health, with the loss of lung capacity and respiratory infections. (Pm10 is made of dust, smoke and liquid droplets: it is a mix of particulate matter, liquid or solid microscopic particles dispersed in the atmosphere)


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