Thermo (real name: Giorgio Latini)

BORN IN: Rome, Europe

LOOK: he always wears sunglasses. His overall matches with a heat map, going from the hottest to the coolest colors. When he uses his powers the overall changes color that matches with the temperature he is using.

ACCESSORIES: a thermal-compass, an ice surf board that he can create to surf on water.

EVOKED WEATHER PHENOMENA: he determine the temperature, he “makes” hot, cold and freeze.

SUPERPOWER: he cools down/freezes or heat up/liquefy things around him (not people). He has two different kind of power: THERMAL AUREA (affect the temperature of the environment he’s in, can be colder or hotter). In order to use this power he puts his arms on his chest, he concentrates and he propagates heat or coldness around him. THERMAL RAY (it’s a ray that can be cold or hot and, if pointed towards an object, it can melt or freeze it). To use this power Thermo pushes the palm of his hand towards, sending this freezing or superhot ray to specific objects.

Another power is represented by the ALLERGY TO MACULANS: Thermo is allergic to Maculans. Their presence makes him sneeze with a runny nose. These reactions can also reveal that Maculans are nearby during a mission. He’s a “natural” Maculans detector. There’s a medicine that provisionally cures this allergy: Ribes Nigrum (blackcurrant), a natural antihistamine that Thermo always has in his pockets.

MOVE: he puts his arms on his chest for the thermal aura, puts his hand forward for the thermal ray. His thermal-compass is his thermo-regulator that has a bezel that automatically sets on hot or cold according to the “state” of Thermo.



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